Mix N Match Jars

The initial thought of preparing meals ahead may seem boring, repetitive and bland.  However, cooking in batches doesn’t have to be repetitious or any of those! Let’s make some amazingly delicious and absolutely gorgeous jars together that will get you excited every time you open your refrigerator. Think of it as creating your very own “grab ‘n go”.  FIRST = Take a peek at your pantry practice  {NOTE}    Do you have your whole grains where you can see them? List them.  {NOTE}    What do you have for protein options? List them.  {NOTE}    Make a list of all fresh and frozen vegetables available.    SECOND =  Choose TWO different grains to incorporate (the purpose is FIBER)  {NOTE}    These are Gluten-free:  red or white quinoa brown or wild rice buckwheat (Kasha) millet amaranth  {NOTE}    You may also use these whole grains:  wheat berries farro kamut spelt barley {NOTE}    1 cup of dry grain + 2 cups of water = 4 servings Rice Cooker Directions: Place grain + water in cooker and PRESS THE BUTTON. Don’t forget to check on it to make sure it doesn’t burn. Most grains will be done between 10 – 40 minutes.  {NOTE} … Continue reading Mix N Match Jars