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December 7, 2015

Snacking has a purpose. Today, we often have negative associations with snacking such as eating mindlessly to pass the time, eating unhealthy foods for a fast burst of energy at school or work, or constantly consuming through disordered eating. However, smart snacking is essential to avoid unbalanced blood sugars, which leads to a spike or fall in energy. Snacking also keeps our metabolism working with us throughout the day. Wholesome snacks can be integrated into your nutritional intake for the day and will not spoil your appetite. Strategic snacking can help bridge the hunger gap between meals, keep you focused and more productive, and support your health goals. By eating healthy snacks that are packed with protein and fiber, you will keep yourself full and avoid eating unhealthy foods as a poor substitute.


Below are some protein and fiber-based snacks to help you support balanced blood sugar. Become more involved in your own nutrition practice and start creating some snacks of your own!

{Snack Smart Ideas}

  • {TWO} Celery sticks + {1 TB} Nut Butter
  • {ONE} Baked Pear + cinnamon, {ONE TB} oats + {1/4 CUP} Walnuts, Pecans or Almonds.
  • {1/2 CUP} Greek Yogurt + Sliced Persimmon (above) + {¼ CUP} of Oats 
  • {1/4 CUP} Hummus + Carrots, Broccoli + Kohlrabi Slices
  • {ONE TB} Natural Nut Butter + Apple Slices OR Carrot Sticks
  • {ONE SERVING} Whole Grain Crackers + {1/4 CUP} Hummus
  • {ONE CUP} Celery Sticks + Baba Ganoush
  • {1/4 CUP} Raw Nuts + Fruit
  • {HALF} Baked Sweet potato + {1/4 CUP} Greek Yogurt + Chives
  • {HALF} Baked potato + Bean Salsa
  • {¼ CUP} Trail Mix + Carrot Sticks 
  • {1/4 CUP} Roasted Chickpeas + {ONE} Clementine

My absolute favorite snack! Almond Butter + Carrot Sticks 


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