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December 22, 2015

A food journal and an intuitive guide to cultivating a sustainable food practice filled with recipes + lifestyle tips.

Check it out! Nutrition from the Ground Up is currently a blog and video series about building a sustainable nutrition practice. This project is a 48 page food journal that will be published twice per year. It will include my tools for intuitive cooking, sustaining a healthy relationship with food and expand your recipe collection.

Knowledge is power and with knowledge about the ingredients in food, where that food came from, and who grew it helps to increase confidence about the food that is fueling my body. There are incredible experiences to be had when enjoying local food, like trying new foods, meeting farmers and producers, and even growing your own food. Food can extend to the worlds of art and science and this can act as a form of therapy or mindfulness. When these ideas are part of a lifestyle then consuming feels more like a nutrition practice rather than following strict instructions, recipes, and meal plans—because of course, there is no perfect way to eat!

 The Nutrition from the Ground Up Food Journal will be published in January 2016 with your support. It will provide educational tools to help you grow your own nutrition practice with my guidance. It will also include intuitive recipes that will strengthen your intuitive cooking skills. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Local food can be used as a tool—this can be seen by keeping it simple, cooking and preparing meals, nourishing your day, and improving overall health.

Every day in my nutrition practice I focus on how to, for both myself and my clients, inspire, connect, and educate. I have set out to live out my passion and the concept of sustainability has been a reoccurring theme in that process. I strive to always be aware of the role of sustainability in the areas of food, business, and personal lifestyle. I believe in the power of connecting farmers and consumers.

With local food comes inspiration from venturing out and trying something new; connection with friends, farms, health, and my meals and nourishment; and education by finding new recipes as a tool to practice a skill and share with others.

There are many benefits of local food, including that it brings awareness to the consumer and has changed my relationship with food and has allowed me to realize the difference between whole, real food and labeling. Local food also creates an appreciation for food when you realize that it must be grown and produced, rather than just appearing. Understanding local food has also helped to educate me about how the food I eat arrives to my plate; for example I may pick it up from the farmers’ market rather than waiting for a truck to deliver something.

Finally, local food has truly brought joy to my overall life with the social aspect of shopping and the fun of intuitive cooking. This all ties into my nutrition practice by helping me make a stronger connection between vitamins and minerals in food and my health. Local foods increase the nutrition and flavor of the foods that my body digests and uses to provide me with energy.

Thank you for supporting my project!

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