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December 6, 2015

When I started on this journey, I was only working with nutritional counseling patients one day a week. Now, eight years later, I am really proud that my business has grown in directions I never imagined. 

While I knew I wanted to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, it didn’t occur to me that I could actually help them grow it. Now, in addition to being a Registered Dietician, I’m an author, blogger, local food enthusiast and a farmer-in-training, among other things! 

I am passionate about teaching others how to play an active role in improving their whole health by developing new relationships with food. I believe in the power of connecting farmers and consumers to create a more educated community. 

I’d like to share with you how I do this within my own practice – both the overall approaches I take as well as some of the tactical steps that I’ve found to be effective. Whether for my clients, the community or the broader public, my focus is sharing knowledge because it really is power. This is how I make a more lasting impact. I know from seeing it with my clients that knowledge is the only thing that motivates change. 

I focus on three specific areas.

  • {First} … Inspiring people to let go of their past relationships with food and create new, more powerful ways of thinking about the foods they choose.
  • {Second} … Connecting people with their local farmers and helping them discover the benefits of eating locally and seasonally.
  • {Third} … Educating my community and the broader public about how they can be more confident consumers.

Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN

In building Delicious Living Nutrition, I’ve set out to live my passion. Underlying everything I do is the concept of sustainability. It is present everywhere, from how I work with clients to help them discover new foods and ways of cooking that put them on a path to health…

als_150804-0986 (1) copy

…it shows up in how I’ve structured my business so that all the different aspects support each other…

…and it’s personal. I’ve designed a holistic life where work doesn’t feel like work. Everything sustains everything else. I’ve achieved this through structuring my business to fit into three main buckets. 

  • {First} … Counseling – This is the most personal aspect – One on one counseling, corporate programs and presentations.
  • {Second} … Outreach – These are all the ways I connect with clients and potential clients on a regular basis.
  • {Third} … Local Food – Connecting people directly with farmers and helping them understand their food sources is a huge part of what I love to do, and my community loves it as well.

Various types of outreach have been an important way for me to not only build my business but to share knowledge broadly. One of the most exciting and fulfilling adventures I’ve undertaken as part of Delicious Living Nutrition is making a full-length documentary about organic farming called Organic Farms Are Everywhere! My partner, Jim and I drove cross-country in February 2012 and visited nearly two dozen farms. It was an incredible journey and we learned so much that I’ve been able to share with my clients and our community. 

Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN

As I have become more personally involved in the local food movement over time, my counseling approach has evolved. My clients find that they really benefit from my guided farmers’ market tours, as well as cooking new foods together. One of the most significant parts of my at-home nutritional cooking lessons is practicing what I call “intuitive cooking.” This is a method that centers around using what is readily available in your pantry to make delicious and healthy meals at home. 

Bringing consumer confidence to my clients and the community through education and exploration is what I love to do. I hope that this blog will act as an educational experience and open the doors to health, happiness and a holistic lifestyle for many.

Nicole and Tanka

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