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Cast Iron Cookware

March 30, 2016

When cooking with a cast iron pan there are some do’s and don’ts.

DON’T: Use soap when washing your pan.

DO: Scrub it with hot water and a tough sponge or brush. Practice a habit of seasoning your pan in order to keep it well-oiled and to ensure the longest life possible. To do this, cover the bottom of the pan with a thick layer of sea salt and a half inch of cooking oil and heat until the oil starts to smoke. Then, carefully pour the salt and oil into a bowl and use a cloth to rub the inside of the pan until it is smooth. 

This all may seem like work, but so is every relationship. By keeping good care of your cast-iron cookware you’ll get some long-lasting benefits…

  • When the pan is well seasoned you will need less oil to cook with—a plus for your wallet.
  • Cast iron pans are safer to cook with than non-stick pans that have become quite common in the kitchen. These can actually release harmful chemicals (like PFCs or perfluorocarbons), both inhaled and consumed through food, from the repellent coating on the pans.
  • Instead of worrying about harmful chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that your cast iron pans release beneficial iron into your food when cooking, which is often an under consumed nutrient.

Cast iron cookware is a sustainable option. It allows you to cut down on the amount of tools you need in the kitchen, which reduces the cost you’d have to spend and the natural resources necessary to make them. They are versatile, great for the stove-top, in the oven, or over the grill or campfire, it makes for a great addition to your kitchen or trip.  


Cast iron pans are often less expensive than their best alternative, stainless-steel. Finally, cast iron pans are incredibly durable and get better with age when taken care of properly—minimizing the amount of cookware you and your family will need. 

Check out how {LODGE} cast-iron cookware is made

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DIY Rock Wall

March 24, 2016

The DIY posts will be coming once a month on the blog. Shawn and I are excited to share with you our simple home + farmden projects. Before owning our home, we have spent months of researching a.k.a. “pinteresting”, which I never thought would become such a useful communication tool in our relationship. We moved into our new home in Wellfleet, Massachusetts in February and have tackled one project at a time. I have found “couples” projects to be quite bonding. We hope you enjoy our first project! We’d like to introduce you to our DIY foraged hand-built beach rock wall…

Rock Wall 4


Bucket {for mixing mortar}
Trowel {one for each person} 
Mortar {a workable paste that binds rocks}
Rocks {collected at the beaches on Cape Cod}
Sheet {cover the floor} 
Rag + Small Container filled with water {for washing the rocks} 
Cleaner {We use The Optimist Co.} 

Rock Wall Building 3

Tip: Layout your sheet first. It’s important to see all your rock options before building your wall. Think of it as a “game night.” Who can find the next rock that fits perfectly in the next open space? We were both using our intuition and creativity. Our first lesson involved the thickness of the mortar. Tip: Be sure to create a thick enough paste that will allow you to push each rock into a sturdy position. We had about 5 falls before finding the right consistency. Literally, watching the rocks all fall to the floor was emotionally draining, but we didn’t give up and kept at it.  

Rock Wall Building 2 copy

Tip: Place a decent amount of mortar on the rock, press it firmly with one motion into the wall, then let go. Don’t keep touching it. Let it be, even though you may feel urged to fix it. 

Rock Wall Building copy

Tip: Don’t stress about mortar smudging in places you don’t want it to be. There will be the rag + water to wipe down those areas after you’ve finished a portion of the wall. Try to finish 1/4 to 1/2 of the wall, then do a clean-up session. 

Rock Wall 3

I hope everyone tries to make their own DIY foraged hand built beach rock wall. It’s a wonderful experience to find your rocks, puzzle them together and see what develops! We all need some rocks in our life…

rock – the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil or oceans.

rock – a person or thing suggesting a rock, esp in being dependable or providing firm foundation.

Nicole + Shawn

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Spreading the Love: Kate Scott

March 10, 2016

This month, I’m happy to share my second interview with one of several of my inspirational allies. There are so many inspirational allies that challenge us to understand ourselves, grow our spiritual practices and cultivate our lives. This series is to share with you a few of my own personal mentors, teachers + allies that whether they are aware of it or not, have made a huge imprint on my life, love and world. 

al·ly: to join (yourself) with another person, group, etc., in order to get or give support

First, a little bit about Kate. As many of you know, I am often spotted wearing a bun on the top of my head. Although, I used to wear my hair down, it’s been a few years now that the bun has completely taken a stand, which I am grateful for it. It’s easy, quick and does the trick for most styles, gardening to dresses. However, I decided to let it out! Kate Scott was such a support to match my easy and quick needs with a style that fit me. We did the “beach” hair & the “blow-out”, while we allied on healing, wholeness, growth and health. 

About Kate:

“Over the past 9 years, I have been a hair stylist. My specialty focuses on curly hair with experience in editorial, film styling, and NYC Fashion Week Runway shows. My love for hair styling started while attempting ‘to manage’ my own curly hair. I worked on the curly hair styling team at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in Los Angeles for four years as a stylist, educator, and platform artist. My other extensive trainings include AVEDA, L’oreal, J Beverly Hills and Arrojo. My signature approach gives my clients confidence to embrace and celebrate their unique hairstyles. My interest in hair styling broadened itself to include health and wellbeing. I strongly believe that each one of us has our own health style. I pursued self-studies of Macrobiotic and Ayurveda, along with other various modalities to heal myself through food.”

What has been your journey into what you do? 

I first got into styling hair because I had such a hard time managing my own curls! I used to read all sorts of hair articles in search of the ‘curl cure’, and I finally decided I should just go to cosmetology school to learn how to master it myself. Now I actually specialize in curly hair and the whole process has come full circle for me!

Kate Scott

What have you cultivated along the way?

Self love, and a passion for helping others love themselves and embrace who they are too.

What inspires you?

Health and Wellbeing, and living out our gifts, talents, and life’s purpose.

What are the biggest things youve learned?

To let go, and that prayer is the answer to creating a life you love.

What are your intentions?

To take care of myself and stay true to my personal values – family and relationships, health and wellbeing, inspiration, and spiritual growth.

How do you feel about your energy?

Energy is everything. Wherever you focus your energy, the energy will flow – it’s all about the law of attraction. I feel that mine is grounded yet light hearted.

Kate Scott

What is your relationship with food?

Food is the source of life itself. It mirrors the relationship I have with myself. It has it’s own energy and contributes to my own. It is the seed of everything. Food is a meditation in action. I have finally cultivated a loving, nurturing relationship with food where I’m not scared of it and don’t think about dieting…I appreciate how beautiful food is and am grateful for every meal.

What’s your favorite meal to create for yourself or others or both?

Kitchari is my favorite Ayurvedic healing dish to make for myself – it always makes me feel grounded and centered. My recipe makes 3 servings and is a pitta pacifying blend of 1/2 tsp each – cumin, fennel seed, coriander, turmeric and 1/2″ sliced ginger heated in 2 TB ghee and sautéed with 1 cup seasonal vegetable and cooked with 1/2 cup mung beans and 1 cup basmati rice in 5 cup purified water. Simmered for 25-30min and can be topped with chopped parsley or cilantro.

Who are your favorite teachers?

Dr. Douilliard, Nick Arrojo, Ouidad, Gabrielle Bernstein. why? They are living out their life’s purpose and cultivating a community to inspire others to be their best selves.

Kate Scott

What is your vision board for 2016?

I have lots of things I’d like to create – different guides and workshops and maybe a retreat. Also enjoying seasonal fun – bike rides and paddle boarding in summer, snow shoeing in winter and travel!

What’s your favorite book and why?

So many favorite self improvement books – anything by Dr. Dyer or Gabrielle Bernstein because they teach you how to connect with your inner self. I also love a good novel – Lilianne Moriarty or JoJo Moyes are great sources of entertainment and I find it’s important to lose myself in a book through them. 

How do you balance your life?

It has taken me a long time to realize how to establish strong boundaries in my life, but aligning with my personal values helps me do just that. I keep a strict schedule with my diet plan, work schedule, my yoga/meditation, and self care using blocks of time throughout the week.

Kate Scott

How do you practice mindfulness?

In everything that I do, I always tune into my breath. By practicing yoga daily/weekly it becomes second nature to do so. Also having a daily routine of self care and expressing what I’m grateful for throughout the day and in daily prayer.

What are some thoughts you’d love to share with others?

Trust your path. Follow your inspiration – it’s your inner guide speaking to you. Discovering your life’s purpose is the answer to everything. So is looking for the good in everything and being grateful for what you have. Love always wins! 😉

Connect with Kate:

Thank you for letting us Spread the Love with this month’s inspirational interview. Look forward to next month’s interview with love from, Betsy Wild, a mentor and passionate green living expert. Let’s learn to love and be ourselves with the help of each other! 

with love