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DIY Rock Wall

March 24, 2016

The DIY posts will be coming once a month on the blog. Shawn and I are excited to share with you our simple home + farmden projects. Before owning our home, we have spent months of researching a.k.a. “pinteresting”, which I never thought would become such a useful communication tool in our relationship. We moved into our new home in Wellfleet, Massachusetts in February and have tackled one project at a time. I have found “couples” projects to be quite bonding. We hope you enjoy our first project! We’d like to introduce you to our DIY foraged hand-built beach rock wall…

Rock Wall 4


Bucket {for mixing mortar}
Trowel {one for each person} 
Mortar {a workable paste that binds rocks}
Rocks {collected at the beaches on Cape Cod}
Sheet {cover the floor} 
Rag + Small Container filled with water {for washing the rocks} 
Cleaner {We use The Optimist Co.} 

Rock Wall Building 3

Tip: Layout your sheet first. It’s important to see all your rock options before building your wall. Think of it as a “game night.” Who can find the next rock that fits perfectly in the next open space? We were both using our intuition and creativity. Our first lesson involved the thickness of the mortar. Tip: Be sure to create a thick enough paste that will allow you to push each rock into a sturdy position. We had about 5 falls before finding the right consistency. Literally, watching the rocks all fall to the floor was emotionally draining, but we didn’t give up and kept at it.  

Rock Wall Building 2 copy

Tip: Place a decent amount of mortar on the rock, press it firmly with one motion into the wall, then let go. Don’t keep touching it. Let it be, even though you may feel urged to fix it. 

Rock Wall Building copy

Tip: Don’t stress about mortar smudging in places you don’t want it to be. There will be the rag + water to wipe down those areas after you’ve finished a portion of the wall. Try to finish 1/4 to 1/2 of the wall, then do a clean-up session. 

Rock Wall 3

I hope everyone tries to make their own DIY foraged hand built beach rock wall. It’s a wonderful experience to find your rocks, puzzle them together and see what develops! We all need some rocks in our life…

rock – the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil or oceans.

rock – a person or thing suggesting a rock, esp in being dependable or providing firm foundation.

Nicole + Shawn

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