Cauliflower Grits

Make your own cauliflower grits by placing raw cauliflower into a food processor until it is the consistency you’d prefer. Then sauté with olive oil + seasoning.  Seasonal ingredients have more nutrients + flavor:  Native corn has phosphorus & niacin to support your body with critical functions. Eat corn when it is in season from a local farm that confirms they plant non-GMO corn. We can also mindfully thank cauliflower for giving your body vitamin C that supports the body’s muscles, bones + immune system.  Carrots are amazing root vegetables with beta-carotene, vitamin A + C. Don’t forget to try all the different varieties. Bolero: sweet, juicy, crunchy, orange  Ithaca: sweet, light taste, deep orange  Little Finger: extra sweet, orange  Nantes Half Long: tender, sweet, deep-orange  Purple Dragon: sweet, rich, purple skin, yellow core Royal Chantenay: sweet, tender, reddish-orange  Scarlet Nantes: sweet, juicy, fine-grained, coreless, orange-red  Short ‘n Sweet: sweet, juicy, bright orange  St. Valery: sweet, tender, little core, bright reddish-orange Touchon: crisp, sweet, coreless, orange Mussels are your B12 shot! They have readily absorbed source of B & C vitamins, amino acids & minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium , selenium and zinc.  NOTE: Mussels are on average $3.00 per pound. This locally delicious meal fed a family of 3 for under $15.00.