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December 12, 2017

Toe Food & Inner Voices:

I have been working with my clients to get to know their inner voices lately! Here is an example from JM traveling with comical twist:

“Finished off Saturday night at Big Bowl. Stir-fried with toe food. Surprisingly, the toe I had was boneless and not bad at all. My fear of catching athlete’s feet was a non-issue. Sunday night, the little one was working to get the upper hand as I plotted to get a $60 prime rib. I was losing that battle dramatically. Lisa, my partner, took the High Road and stood her ground as my little one stomped, snorted and sulked. Ended up with a 4 oz sliced prime rib dinner with greens and roasted potatoes at Eataly. As I ate, the bear in me quieted down and by the time I had finished, I was satiated and happy to have had the helping hand. Off to Midway for the trip home. Back on “The Cod” by 9!! Thus endeth the story.” – JM 

At a recent program I taught, we talked a lot about the holidays. Here were some thoughts and great highlights from the workshop:

“I had to chuckle at Nicole’s description of the “inner voice” inside of us that can derail our best intentions or at least make us act mindlessly when it comes to holiday eating/celebrations. I think we’ve all been there and it’s helpful to be reminded that the “inner voice” exists. It’s important to practice self compassion this time of year and to nourish ourselves with healthy foods. If we are kind to ourselves and our bodies are nourished with fruits and vegetables we are stronger and more resilient.” – KM 

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