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January 4, 2018

The Clean Kit is nutritionally-crafted to support, strengthen and grow your nutrition practice. We have provided you with your meals, snacks + education to eat clean, seasonal and nutrient-dense foods. Each meal contains Protein + Fiber that is seasonally-focused to balance blood sugars, energy levels and hunger throughout the day while delivering a variety of nutrients to your cells.



Hemp Hearts, Nuts/Seeds, Chickpeas, Lentils, Black Beans, Farm Eggs


Seasonal Vegetables, Fruit, Wild Rice, Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Dark Leafy Greens

Meal Design:

Breakfast: PROTEIN + FIBER

Snack:  JUICE




Grain Bowls: A complete meal that is nutritionally-crafted to support balance, digestion, and delivery of nutrients. Plant proteins are easy to digest and support good gut bacteria. Fermented foods provide a digestive aid and boost to your gut function. Dark leafy greens and herbs are an extra medicinal part of your plate adding secondary metabolites, boosting enzyme function and nutrient density.

Soups: A complete meal that encompasses protein and fiber for balance. Warm soups are super nurturing throughout the winter that can bring mindfulness to your day. We encourage you to connect to each spoonful of nutrients by letting go of the past and future to-do lists and be in the present moment.

Smoothies: A blend of whole foods that becomes an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrition. Blending foods allows digestion to happen with ease, not working too hard. They are nutritionally-crafted with protein, greens, and fruit.

Snacks: Snacking keeps your metabolism working with you throughout the day, keeping you focused and more productive.

Meet The Local Juice:

Nicole and Jen both have a deep passion and love for local sustainability, community advocacy, and health + wellness. They also both share a love for juicing! In March 2014, they decided to join forces to create The Local Juice in order to unite their passions and create delicious products to better the lives of their entire Cape Cod community.

After selling their cold-pressed juices locally for over two years, they opened their very first brick + mortar location in the heart of Hyannis in July of 2016.

They are thrilled to be able to continue growing and supporting their local farms and farmers and are on a mission to educate their customers on how to live a sustainable and healthy life while continuing to encourage their customers to consume consciously.

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