This is an intuitive guide to cultivating a sustainable food practice:

Practicing intuitive nutrition is the process of learning to listen to your body by cultivating awareness of its needs, creating a sustainable relationship with food, and making mindful choices that support your optimal health.

How will NFTGU support your nutrition practice? 

We are excited to share our journeys into sustainability with you. Our passion for wellness and the local food movement led our involvement in a variety of projects, all of which have enriched our practices, our clients’ outcomes, and our own lives. Read about our collaboration with local farmers, explore sustainable food opportunities, learn about the benefits of local food sources and ways to build farm partnerships and relationships in your own community.

We believe in the power of connecting farmers and consumers to create a more informed community. Our passion is helping individuals and families improve their whole health by building new, sustainable relationships with food. We believe in the power of connecting farmers and consumers to create a more educated community.

We can’t wait to share with you how we do this within our own practices – both the overall approaches we take as well as some of the tactical steps that we’ve found to be effective. Whether for our clients, the community or the broader public, our focus is sharing knowledge because it really is power. This is how we make a more lasting impact. We know from seeing it with our clients that knowledge is the only thing that motivates change.

We focus on three specific areas:

  1. Inspiring people to let go of their past relationships with food and health and create new powerful experiences.
  2. Connecting people with their local farmers and helping them discover the benefits of eating locally and seasonally.
  3. Educating our community and the broader public about how they can be more confident consumers.

Why are we doing this?

In building Nutrition from the Ground Up, we’ve set out to live our passions. Underlying everything we do is the concept of sustainability. It is present everywhere, from how we work with clients to help them discover new foods and ways of cooking that put them on a path to health.

…it shows up in how we’ve structured our businesses so that all the different aspects support each other…

…and it’s personal. We’ve designed a holistic life where work doesn’t feel like work. Everything sustains everything else. We’ve achieved this through structuring our businesses to fit into three main buckets.

  • Counseling – This is the most personal aspect – One on one counseling, programs and presentations.
  • Community – These are all the ways we connect with customers, clients and our community
  • Local Food – Connecting people directly with farmers and helping them understand their food sources is a huge part of what we love to do.

Various types of outreach have been an important way for us to not only build our businesses but to share knowledge broadly. Bringing consumer confidence to our clients and the community through education and exploration is what we love to do. We hope that this blog will act as an educational experience and open the doors to health, happiness and a holistic lifestyle for many.