The recipes on our website are nutritionally-complete, easy to replicate and invite unique innovation to grow your own nutrition practice. Some of them are healthy additions to support digestion, such as Kimchi. These snacks, meals and drinks are designed to make you feel good and promote engagement with your nutrition practice.

We have found that one of the difficulties many people, including our clients, have with following recipes is that they feel set in stone. Our recipes are not so. In order to encourage you to embrace intuitive cooking, the recipes you find here are chock full of possibilities. We offer suggestions for substitutions, alternatives and turning each recipe into your very own creation.

We provide the health benefits and general nutritional information with each recipe so that you can create with confidence and use knowledge to your advantage in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


Mix N Match Jars

Snack Smart





Energy Bursts

Cauliflower Grits