Local food can be used as a tool—this can be seen by keeping it simple, cooking and preparing meals, nourishing your day, and improving overall health.  Remembering to always pair protein with fiber when eating is a great start.  For example, your protein could be in the form of fish, pork, chicken, eggs, beans, cheese, or milk and your fiber could be in the form of seasonal vegetables and fruits, grains like spelt, wheat berries, or barley, and bread.  

Knowledge is power and with knowledge about the ingredients in food, where that food came from, and who grew it helps to increase confidence about the food that is fueling my body.  There are incredible experiences to be had when enjoying local food, like trying new foods, meeting farmers and producers, and even growing your own food.  Food can extend to the worlds of art and science and this can act as a form of therapy or mindfulness.  When these ideas are part of a lifestyle then consuming feels more like a nutrition practice rather than following strict instructions, recipes, and meal plans—because of course, there is no perfect way to eat! Please use the tools on this page to grow your own nutrition practice. 
Nutrition from the Ground Up

The local food movement is bringing flavor and nutrition to the table that can have a huge impact on your health. Every season, farms produce farm-fresh produce and foods to use in a variety of seasonal recipes. The foods you choose to eat throughout the day can help increase energy levels, improve your overall health and maintain a healthy relationship with food. This is my seasonal guide and I encourage you to explore each season! 

Eating Seasonally Handout


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