We are so excited to introduce the video & PODCAST segments in my Nutrition From The Ground Up video series!  Look for short and sweet seasonal picks below, to help you know what to look for at the grocery store + farmers’ market. You’ll also find intuitive cooking how-to videos that will guide you in a more sustainable food practice.

The local food movement is bringing flavor and nutrition to the table that can have a huge impact on your health. Every season, farms produce farm-fresh produce and foods to use in a variety of seasonal recipes. The foods you choose to eat throughout the day can help increase energy levels, improve your overall health and maintain a healthy relationship with food. This video will introduce you to my seasonal local produce picks and how to incorporate these nutrient-dense foods into your meals.




Sustainable Fish

Anti-inflammatory Foods 

Foraged Foods


Holiday Nutrition

Fall Seasonal Produce Picks 

Chequessett Chocolate 

Nutrition for Athletes

Spring Alliums 



Beet Kvass


Introduction to NFTGU video series

Seasonal Picks for Fall

Clean Kits